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Chat Noir by DarkNekoPrincess
Chat Noir
I'm alive, again...

This time I come with a little Chat Noir fanart. Yes, I know the cataclysm is not green,
but for some reason I couldn't stop thinking of it in that freaking color, maybe because
of all the green in his transformation background or his ring's gleam, but it ended up like

Let's say that I'm still a dissaster with backgrounds, but at least the eiffel tower came
out well, and I'm kind of proud of that sky... but I need to find a way to draw trees and
buildings... sorry about that part.

Chat Noir's suit was really fun to do, but the belt stressed me out a bit when I was
working in it... hope you like it~ <3

See you soon, I hope :3

(still not good enough with digital)
[SWD?: WH] - Luca Orlem (genderbend) by DarkNekoPrincess
[SWD?: WH] - Luca Orlem (genderbend)
Hello, dear people, and happy super delayed new year.

No, I'm not dead, and it's not that I don't draw every single day, it's just that
I don't think you would like to see my little sketches and some other things I plan
but are a bit messy to be understandable for everyone.

But well, I'm keeping up with this serie of genderbend inspired in Wizardess Heart
SIM date game, this time with my beloved Luca (my very first route and my favourite
so far). And no, it's not that it took me all this time do this, I began in December but
can't work in it at home during vacation because the computer there doesn't work
well, and with classes now it wasn't possible working on it everyday, so it took longer
than spected.

Anyway, I called Luca's genderbend version Lucy, and those who have read his story
know that their is something hidden at I'm not going to tell in order to not spoil the
story to anyone, sorry, you will have to discover it by your own. Those who already
know, is up to you if you want to make a comment that can lead to the truth...

See you~
[SWD?: WH] - Elias Goldstein (gebderbend) by DarkNekoPrincess
[SWD?: WH] - Elias Goldstein (gebderbend)
Hi hi hi~

I think I recovered enough to start drawing again, yey~

For all that girls (and boys) who have played Shall We Date? dating sims games, specially Wizardess Heart (my personal favourite): sorry, I couldn't resist, I've been thinking in the genderbends of all the boys in the game (when there was only The Tower of Sorrow and The Spring of Unicorn misteries, but I do have made an appointment for Joel in my agenda as well, like I will do for Vincent and Leon when their routes are released).

Hope you don't want to kill me for doing this, I'm really having fun drawing them and seriously thinking about drawing the gerderbends of MC and Amelia, but I don't know if they will come out.

Not very imaginative but, for me, the girl version of Elias is Elisa, just because I want the names to be as similar as possible. If you have any suggestion, please tell me.

Elias Goldstein belongs to the girls of Shall We Date? team (NTT Solmare)
The art and the time spend in this drawing is all mine
Sorry if I have been super unactive, but I haven't feeling in the right mood to do anything serious. I'll try to return to all the things I do as soon as possible. Thank you for reading.


DarkNekoPrincess's Profile Picture
Thereīs no much to know about me, thereīs times I donīt know my own self, but the only thing I want itīs be like I want to be, be different even if the people donīt like me to be better, I donīt want they destroy my beliefs, I just want to be loyal to my self and donīt take care about what other people said about me even it hurts me deep inside. Thatīs what I want and thats what Iīm going to search forever, until my life end and my soul returns to live once again in this cruel world we call our home.
  • Listening to: L'Assasymphonie
  • Reading: Harry Potter and the half-blood prince
  • Watching: The sealing I have right above my head jajaja
Wow, first time writing a journal after all the years I have had this account... well, I think because I never feel inspired enough to write something in here...

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you I'm seriously thinking about open commissions, even if I don't really know whether you like me, or whether not, to do a commission to you.

I'm working by the moment in some examples I could use to show to you what I can do (I have been practicing hard my digital skills, for real).

If you have something to tell me, whatever, just leave a comment, I would try to reply as soon as possible.

Leave your opinion of what you think about me doing commissions :3

See you, sweethearts~☆

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